TPE gloves with Elastomer VS without Elastomer, who wins?

We do experiment with this two kinds of gloves, here below we shows the result.

For TPE gloves, there is an important material called Elastomer(which is the most expensive material too ), which normally adds 30% when manufacturing TPE gloves, it will make the gloves more elastic and softer to wear. But currently, for economic reasons, some customers require less elastomer, or even 0% elastomer, which can lower the gloves price by as much as 15%. The quality is not as much different as the price, it’s a good choice too.

Today we do the experiments, with TPE gloves with and without Elastomer and concluded as follows:

1. With Elastomer TPE feel softer, while without it TPE gloves feel harder.
2. With Elastomer TPE feel thinner, while without it TPE gloves feel thicker.
3. For vertical strength, without elastomer Tpe gloves concentrate between 200~230N, while with it TPE gloves concentrate between 300~330N
4. Horizontal strength is similar.
5. The biggest difference is the backward strength when you stretch them, with elastomer, the gloves have a backward strength, we called it elastic, while without elastomer there is no elastic strength at all. It’s difficult to give data about it, but you can get it when you try the two different ones.

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