How many types of trash bags WE PLASTIC can make?

Trash bags are commonly used for house/office and industrial hygiene and cleaning. In order to dispense and store easily, it is usually made on a roll. But do you know how many roll types it can be made ? Today I am going to explain and make it clear for you?

  1. Flat bottom C-fold garbage bags

This type is make common flat bags on roll in order for easier dispense and storage, and bottom sealing is 100% leakproof, in order to make the roll shorter, the bag is C-folded.

  • Star-sealed garbage with flat top.

This is the most common type that are used. The bottom is sealed like below picture, like a star when blow it with air. The strong point for this bottom sealing is leakproof, not allowing any escape of liquid.

  • Star-sealed T-shirt garbage bags on roll.

Based on above common star-sealed bags’ advantage, people may like it with handle, that can easily take and dispose garbage, at the same time, it keep the leakproof bottom star-sealed sealing. Currently it become more and more popular, especially in China domestic and some European countries.

  • Wave Top garbage bags on roll

Wave top garbage bags, also called flap top garbage bags, it is similar to the star-sealed T-shirt bags on roll above, but the opening is loose, without handle, but can tie up to close the garbage, see picture below:

  • Gusset T-shirt bags on roll

This is Gusset T-shirt bags on roll, because the bottom sealing with gusset, so it is welded with different layers, like the picture below, the gusset part is 4 layers film welded, meanwhile the middle part is only 2 layers welded, so if the film strength is not good enough, the joint part can be easily broken with holes, which can be not 100% leakproof. But with good enough strength of film, leakproof can be achieved too, that depends on the capability of each factory.

  • C-fold Gusset T-shirt bags on roll

Based on Gusset T-shirt bags on roll, in order to make the roll shorter, we make it C-fold, literally like letter “C”. Just to make the roll shorter and easier for storage.

  • Drawstring garbage bag on roll

Drawstring garbage bags, with a PP string, it is easily to close the opening by pulling the string. It is side sealing, so the bottom is 100% leakproof. The mainly points is the string strength, shall not easily to be broken when pulling with heavy garbage, in this point, we usually make the string with double layers to enhance the strength. The welding part with the PP stripe is important to, the sealing shall be strong to insure the string cannot be easily to tear up.

  • Garbage bag with PP tape

The tape is extra following with the bag, one bag one tape. It is perforated with the bags and attached to the bag. So it makes it impossible to use the PP tape to tie the opening of the garbage bag. This roll is big, and usually heavy duty. With flat opening and bottom seal.

It’s very nice to share with all of you, and welcome to share with me if you know more type of garbage bags. OUR FACTORY CAN MAKE ALL ABOVE GARBAGE BAGS

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